What is a Concrete Delivery Company?

A concrete delivery company is a group of people that bring concrete and other essentials to job sites and businesses everywhere. They have big concrete trucks that are able to handle the weight and texture of ready-mix products. They also have big rotating drums that carry the concrete and stop it from hardening.

Material Hauling

Material hauling and concrete delivery run hand in hand. When most people need to get heavy materials hauled from one place to another they need a professional company that has the right people and equipment to get the job done safely and correctly. It may seem like an easy and simple task to take concrete from one place and move it to another, but there are some key factors in place that make it a little difficult.

Concrete is Heavy

Concrete is very heavy. When you look closely at what it really is you can see why. You take a bunch of rocks, grit, and some other agents that cause them to bond together. Then you add a bunch of water to it. Water is approximately 8 pounds per gallon. When you add a hundred or so gallons of water to some already heavy rocks and grit, the weight adds up.

Concrete Needs to Move

If concrete sits too long it begins to dry out and harden. When a material hauler loads the concrete into the truck things need to be done right, or bad problems can occur. The drying of the concrete is only a small part of the issue. Driving a huge, heavy truck around with that much weight that is constantly moving gets tricky and dangerous. A qualified professional is the best, and the only way to go. Much training is required in order for a person to legally drive concrete around in a big hauler.


West Coast Outlaws Inc

West Coast Outlaws is a specialized company that is trained and experienced to haul the toughest of concrete around. Contact us for y our concrete delivery needs today.