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Concrete Pump Sacramento

Concrete pumping services in Sacramento have never been easier to find. Whether you have a big job or a small one, West Coast Outlaws has you covered. We have been in the concrete business for over 20+ years time so you can be confident that any service that we have to offer will be safe, professional, reliable, and of great quality. When it comes to anything concrete we are experts and strive to keep every task that we do top-notch.

We effortlessly empty our hoses using a technique that uses compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). Our staff is expertly trained and ensures the safe cleaning of the hoses without leaving a watery mess on the site.

How a Concrete Pump WorksConcrete Pumping Sacramento

The type of concrete pump that we use is a top-of-the-line industry standard. The way that it works is that a concrete mixer truck pours wet, mixed concrete into the line pump. One end of the line pump receives the mixed batch of concrete into a hopper that continues to mix and move the concrete so that it is easy to maneuver around and not become solid. The concrete gets pulled out of the hopper into the system then pushed out to where it is directed to go. This usually happens with the help of concrete hoses.

How We Deliver and Pump Concrete

The way we deliver and pump concrete is very simple. First of all, one of our state-of-the-art concrete hauling vehicles will receive the perfectly batched concrete for the job. Once we have made sure that the concrete is of high-quality and ready to go we deliver it right to the job site where our professional concrete pumping specialist will be waiting. We will then determine the safest, most effective way to move the concrete between the mixer and the pump, then have it transferred to the spot that needs the concrete.

Concrete Pumping Services from West Coast Outlaws

We only use the best equipment and hire the best professionals for all of our jobs. Concrete projects have the potential to turn out very badly and be dangerous if you hire a sub standard company to do the work. We understand the risks involved and take every precaution to ensure the highest-quality and safest delivery of services. When you choose to work with a company that strives to be the best, you get the best results. Contact us for your concrete pumping needs today. (916) 952-7263

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